Life Reloaded

I used to blog all the time back in the days of Xanga, livejournal, and MySpace. There’s an entire generation that has no clue about these types of sites other than when they hear us old folk talk about the good ole days. It was a place where you could use more than 140 characters or 10 second snaps to express emotion, share thoughts, and experience life with others through their adventures, both great and subpar. The Internet today is now nothing more than passive aggressive complaining about other people or businesses, sharing pictures of lunch plates, mourning the losses of celebrities and acting like we were all friends (at the same time neglecting the deaths of those personally protecting our freedoms overseas), and click bait telling you a Taco Villa is opening back up in your hometown or “you think this building is a shack but WAIT until you see this!” enticements. It’s an unfortunate land of leading people to believe they are connected, but in reality they rarely have any clue what those Facebook “friends” are truly going through in life. We think that if we like a picture of their newborn baby, share an album of their vacation hotspot, or post a random “Happy Birthday!” on our friends’ walls that we are doing our due diligence and keeping up with our friends. We hardly ever check in with those friends anymore, just to see how life is treating them. We never share our struggles in life or our frustrations with how we are losing daily battles. Unless it is on our newsfeed the 25,262 times we log in during the day, we never realize we are missing out on deeply connected relationships with those we call our friends. Our great accomplishments and what God is blessing us with are rarely mentioned, for fear that everyone will think we’re trying to brag or get recognition for this, or we actually do share them with the unfortunate intention of bragging, needing that attention, or to make those around us jealous. Somewhere in the middle we have lost the true value of connection and meaning of friendship, allowing Facebook to tell us what is truth and showing us our true enemies by getting easily offended at someone else’s worldviews simply by reading words on a page. Reading posts, tweets, and texts don’t relay the type of emotion, humor, or sarcasm that some wish to offer, but that doesn’t let us stop ourselves from coming to our own “objective” truth of their intent and exploding into our own Facebook anger rant. Long gone are the days of opening up to each other when we have problems or insecurities about a friendship or relationship. I am a communicator and love to talk about problems experienced, goals created, frustrations endured, successes enjoyed, battles both lost and won, bucket lists drawn out,  God’s answered prayers of “Yes” “No” and “Not right now”, but I too even get lost in the world of being a passive and terrible friend. It’s hard to make ourselves open up to each other anymore, but we have to wake up and realize it’s only going to get worse as we dive ignorantly face first into our smartphones every chance we get. I see couples and families all the time in restaurants sitting together at a table, but they couldn’t be further from each other emotionally. They are like “the dining dead” Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind speaks about; too busy lighting their face up with their phone screen to have a conversation about the day’s best and worst and really opening up to each other the way we were intended to be. Multiple studies have shown that this so called “social” media is leading to rampant loneliness around the world, spiraling into depression and deep sadness. We need each other; it’s how we were created. I don’t type this first post as a rant or calling people out; more so a reminder to myself to keep this simple concept at the forefront of my mind as I encounter everyone in life. You never know what’s truly going on behind someone’s smile or how deceiving that Facebook post saying everything is great really is until you honestly ask them about life. We HAVE to start being transparent with others and through that transparency we can learn a great deal from each other. This is why I started this blog. I miss the old school days of being real with each other and not worrying about the judgement that could possibly arise from it. Nowadays online trolls are quick to try and bully those around them at every chance they get, making it even more difficult for some to want to be open to those around them. I’m simply writing this to clear my own mind from the onslaught of daily thoughts and events that I encounter; everyone needs therapy and putting words down is a hugely therapeutic method I encourage everyone to pursue at some point. It’s also therapeutic to see someone being real and unfiltered; we see that even those we thought were our extreme opposites are actually quite similar and have something to offer us. I will be real about past experiences and what I’ve learned from them, open up about my own struggles with anxiety and depression through the years, discuss relationship scenarios where I’ve gained more than lost and sometimes lost more than gained, important advice/articles about chiropractic/nutrition/health/fitness, and just general babble and conversation. I promise that if you’re in one of the stories, the names will be changed to protect the innocent and especially the guilty! I really don’t know what all this will include, but nothing is off the table. Maybe we can share some laughs at random stories, maybe we can learn something deeper in life than just surface speak, maybe we can encourage each other in a world that desperately needs encouragement. Let’s go exploring!



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