I’ve had several conversations the past few months with people about bucket lists. I’ve randomly thought of what I would add to it and have traded “must do’s” with friends over the years, but I’ve never honestly put it to paper. I’ve had a mental bucket list through the years, but that leaves so much adventure to forget and so many dreams lost by the wayside. I decided to write it out, because one day the time to do the things we’ve always wanted to do will be lost for forever. Why wait? We never know when God’s timer for us will drop its last grain of sand. We’ve got to act on our bucket list immediately and often, because there will always be things to add to that list. It’s a dynamic list that should be revisited and edited regularly.

What makes a good bucket list? I think a bucket list shouldn’t be about trying to one up another’s list; it should be real and personal to each and every one of us, diving deep into our soul and asking it what adventures we want to partake in. A great bucket list will reveal things about ourselves throughout life not only to ourselves, but those we surround ourselves with by maybe even allowing them to sample our list with us. This list is not so much about the checkmarks themselves, but the actual experiences. A check mark only defines an item as done, but the memory and the experience is why we even added anything to that list in the first place. It’s not a contest in seeing how many checkmarks you can get, but enjoying thoroughly the items contained within, whether there are hundreds or just a few dozen. By knocking out some of the things on our list, it begins to shape our lives as a whole and the checks begin to dissolve away, leaving only a life of adventure and excitement. It’s taking the simple joys of life and writing them down how you see fit, whether that be skydiving or just laughing with a family member after a long separation. As I contemplated my bucket list, I found myself adding several “big” things but also including little joys that just keep the heart happy and full. It’s not about the greatness of the item, it’s about the greatness of the moment…So, submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story, the tale of the Bucket List…

1.) Have a Bobblehead made of myself.  This would be incredibobble…

2.) Be drawn as a comic book character. Another epic Christmas gift if you’re needing ideas.

3.) Be able to completely change someone’s life for the better and not have anyone know it was me; not even that person.

4.) Watch a sunrise and sunset and pee in all 7 continents. (Gotta mark the territory when you’ve been there) I’ve got 4 down, 3 to go…

5.) Have a speaking role in a Nationally Televised show.  The Dean Boyd commercial doesn’t count…

6.) Complete the Texas Bucket List.   I’ve only knocked out 6, but will hit a few more before this year is up.

7.) Compete in a triathlon next year. I’m dumb.

8.)  Run a marathon before I’m 40. I’m completely stupid.

9.) Skydive. I redeemed myself.

10.) See the firefly squids glow in Japan.

11.) Take the PERFECT Road Trip. First few months of retirement.

12.) Watch a space shuttle launch.

13.) Have the most incredible woman look me in the eyes and say “I Do”.

14.) Spend the night in the St James Hotel in Cimarron, NM and see a ghost.

15.) New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Obviously have to have someone to kiss too. Gotta be an app for that…

16.) Crash a wedding and make it out with a phone number.

17.) Take a volcano hike.

18.) Run with the bulls in Pamplona, and not die.

19.) Save someone’s life. Maybe in Pamplona.

20.) Set a World Record.

21.) Be cremated and at my memorial service, have my best friend “accidentally” drop my urn while carrying it, spilling ashes everywhere. Then it’ll be revealed it was actually just Nesquik powder and I’ll have my final prank pulled on everyone there.

22.) Be there for my wife as she gives birth and welcome our children into the world.

23.) Become International President of the Lions Club for a year.

24.) Get my pilot’s license and buy a plane.

25.) Always be able to have close friends I can call for whatever, whenever.

26.) Be grateful for everything I have at all times, and even more grateful for what I don’t.

27.) Visit the Colosseum and yell “Are you not entertained?!”

28.) Write a book.

29.) Throw out a first pitch. AND do it better than 50 Cent

30.) Swim in the Great Barrier Reef.

31.) “Say something meaningful and see it become a popular quote.” – Chris Prock

32.) Revisit the area in China in which 3 of us were detained for evangelizing….and evangelize some more.

33.) Host a foreign exchange student.

34.) Be brought to tears by both sadness and joy fairly regularly. It flushes out the emotions very well.

35.) ZORBING….

36.) Speak to over 10,000 people at once. Applause at the end would be ideal.

37.) Be a friend that several know they can call for whatever, whenever.

38.) Be the type of father, son, brother, uncle, husband, grandfather, cousin, etc. that all know they can call for whatever, whenever.

39.) Hit a homerun in softball after I’m 60.

40.) When I was in Africa, I encountered a young man that wanted to learn about God but didn’t have a Bible. He stated he could read English, so I gave him my personal Bible I had kept for years with the required promise he would read it while he kept watch over his own sheep. My prayer has always been that he would be part of the family that welcomes me to Heaven one day…or that I would get to do the same for him.

41.) Hope to be half of the quality of parent my parents have been to me and my sister.

42.) Befriend somebody I don’t like. Bonus points if you know why this is exactly right here on the list…

43.) Live in the country and own several acres to build my own house complete with horses, dogs, honeybees, a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen/bar, and a firepit.

44.) Use my mistakes in life to help counsel others.

45.) Watch my children be baptized.

46.) Have a ring bear at my wedding, even if it’s a kiddo in costume. It’s going to be legen…..wait for it……………………………………………………………dary!

47.) Find someone that will randomly sing with me Garth and Kat style.

48.) Sing in public.  For those that know me, singing in front of a group is something that is probably the biggest insecurity I have, stemming back to 5th grade and hyperventilating in front of an elementary school the entire time. I’ve led worship and what not in front of people, but I absolutely hate it regardless of how many people are within earshot. If I have sung in front of you or even in the car with you where you could hear me, consider yourself lucky (or pretty unlucky) because I dropped all walls and completely trusted and respected you in that moment. I need to get to the point where it doesn’t bother me and do it again.

49.) Sing Karaoke. See Above.

50.) Get another tattoo. I’ve already decided what I’m getting, but that’s another post probably due out before the summer is over.

51.) Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina.

52.) Stop procrastinating. I needed to put this one higher, but I kept putting it off.

53. Use my knowledge of anxiety and panic attacks to help others know they are not alone in their fight, they are not weak against their fears, and they can overcome this incredibly debilitating thought process.

54.) Read a book a month for the rest of my life. After chiropractic school, I hated required reading; this should end well. Audiobooks do count!

55.) Always release (but learn from) the past, live fully in the present moment, and don’t worry about the future.

56.) Geocache more often. It’s hide and seek for us nerdy adults.

57.) Visit P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney. 

58.) Witness a miracle.

59.) Teach my grandkids how to Dougie and have them watch me Whip….AND Nae nae.

60.) Never be too calloused to laugh at myself and never too afraid to make a fool of myself.

61.) Be in two places at once.

62.) Walk my daughter down the aisle to give her to the man of my prayers for her.

63.) Be there when my son shoots his first buck, and teach him how to field dress it.

64.) Be a TED talker.

65.) Write and produce a movie.

66.) Swim in a pool full of noodles.

67.) Laugh everyday. EVERY. DAY.

68.) Make someone close to me laugh so hard on their deathbed that they forget about their pain, even if for a few seconds.

69.) Write a will and give something of great value to someone unsuspecting and unrelated.

70.) Bury (or cremate) my wife. Sounds morbid, but this is so I can ensure she won’t spend a day alone.

71.) Leave the world a much better place than when I arrived.

72.) When the last grain of sand has fallen on my life timer, I want to hear that sweet sweet phrase “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!”

This list would go on and on if I typed everything out, but it’s a starting point to knock some out. There will be additions and hopefully never any subtractions as the rest of life plays out. If  you read this, I want to know what’s on your bucket list. I want to see what joys you want in life. Send me a message on Facebook or text me or comment here or however you know how to get ahold of me. Let’s knock out some bucket list items this summer and rock out in the game of life. We never know when that final buzzer will sound…


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