The Conductor

Every day we feel emotion pulse through our veins,
yet we are in charge of them like a conductor on trains.
Whether it be positive or negative one thing is undeniably true,
the only one responsible for how you ultimately feel is you.
From sadness or joy to anxiety or peace,
these emotions build up in us and require release.
Yelling and swearing or tear stains from crying,
An excited dance or laughter so hard you’d think you were dying.
Heartbeat flutters and stomach butterflies from love,
to soul shattering memories from losing that mentioned above.
Stresses at work and life add up to,
basically every little thing we will ever do.
No one is safe from this daily cycle of thought,
so why not take control and win the battle fought?
Down both roads of the ups and the downs,
You can choose whether it’s going to be a smile or the frowns.
When it’s all good and you’re feeling the grin,
Take full enjoyment in the moment, take it all in.
This joy and peace that you have now deep in the soul,
can be given to others, that’s the ultimate goal.
Share a smile with a stranger, a hug with a friend,
the next day turn around and do it all over again.
But know that it’s not permanent, this feeling of delight.
Because with every day’s end will always come night.
That’s when you must choose just how you will feel,
The sadness and darkness don’t have to be real.
So when you find yourself in the world of the bad,
remind your head and your heart about worse that’s been had.
Someone somewhere has it worse off than you,
and God has given you strength to completely make it through.
That won’t fully take away the pain that you know,
But use that moment for gratitude and let your soul grow.
Embrace the bite that the heart may take deep,
and know that from sadness, true joy you can reap.
Don’t ignore the feelings of that deep, deep despair,
simply allow full emotion and for the soul to repair.
Choose gratitude and faith in those moments of doubt,
don’t hold back the emotions, let it all out.
For as deep as the sorrow is that you now go through,
can be quickly turned to joy that is just as deep too.
So grab hold of your heart and strengthen your mind,
leave the victim mentality completely behind.
You are the conductor of your life and although the path may be unknown,
the feelings you allow yourself to feel are up to you alone.
In life there are many emotions we all must go through,
But the effect and the reaction is solely decided by you.



Beauty and Pain

In life so many emotions and thought patterns exist,
yet each situation can be whittled down to just two on the list.
Beauty and pain are the two biggest things we will ever feel,
they are present and are the very essence of every single ordeal.
Will this make my heart swell into a pulsing vessel of happy,
or will it shatter into a thousand pieces and make me feel crappy?
Those questions remain and the answers seem uncertain,
Until we actually decide to throw back the curtain.
To fully dive blindly into a world of unknown,
Hoping to find water yet knowing it may be stone.
That’s the beauty in the pain and the pain in the beauty,
experiencing both at some point is clearly our duty.
I believe to completely grasp beauty you have to experience pain,
you can’t fully appreciate the sun unless you’ve had to stand in the rain.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always just one or the other,
both can be felt simultaneously in one way or another.
There’s also beauty so powerful that it can leave us pained,
and pain so earth shaking that within it beauty can be contained.
We’ll never know for sure which one each day will give,
until we jump fully into those situations and just let ourselves live.
Being fearful of the tears or even feeling unworthy of the joy,
Should never keep us from truly living or even being coy.
Live the adventure without worrying about potential sorrow,
For we are just withering away and aren’t promised tomorrow.
Will it bring pain, beauty, or a little bit of both of the two?
I’ll just have to decide when we finally get there which one are you.



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